One Week BUTAOTOME 172: an important blog post and various game news

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“OMG My game is complete! (well, sorta)”

Paprika talks

The other day Ane published a blog post where she talked about Paprika. You can read its translation here, in case you missed it.

My feelings are pretty much the same as back in April. I still have my regrets (no more Paprlicious songs and Nekokenbans, I will meet BUTAOTOME in an “incomplete” state, signed Chess will be incomplete, the magic has broken a bit, no more Comus, etc., etc.)… But if she is happier doing non-Touhou stuff alone and in another country, that’s the best thing, even if it meant leaving the group. I respect her wishes first of all. I’m also sad that we didn’t get a farewell live and Pap wasn’t able to say a proper goodbye to most fans and other people, but Covid is the only thing to blame here. I can still hope she can come back just for one day and for a very special occasion (15th anniversary live?).

Muse Dash, NOSTALGIA PC, etc.

On February 5, the rhythm game Muse Dash will get its biggest update ever, with plenty of new songs, including a collab with Cytus II! This collab will contain 10 songs, including “Youkairokku, wareshi konikeri.” (「妖怪録、我し来にけり。」), Ranko’s song by Tezuka and Apo11o program that was added last year in the game. The game is available on mobile (App Store, Google), PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch (eShop). The mobile version has separated DLC options (you need to purchase the Cytus pack), the PC one has a big DLC with everything and the Switch version comes with every song.

The PC version of Nostalgia has been released! Like with every Bemani PC port, it requires a Konami ID, e-amusement pass, monthly fee, and all that sheet. Samui Uwasa and Barberia Tango (ARM and Paprika’s original instrumental track) are there!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura had a livestream the other day where they announced new features and such. They haven’t revealed any new playable song, but we can finally see the related illustration for Gekokujoujou, by Fabiyama.

Touhou Spell Bubble will release a new Imperishable Night-themed DLC on February 15th! So far they only revealed the featured artists, and there will be a BUTAOTOME song… I can already tell it’s that Reimu song with the funny PV feat. Ane Kaiju.

And that’s all for this week!