Daily Bibibi – The origin of the word “socks” is “underwear worn inside shoes”!? [22/04/2021]

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In this month’s Daily Bibibi feature, Ranko talks about her favorite fashion item, socks!

Hi there, Daily Bibibi readers. I’m Ranko, the vocalist of BUTAOTOME.
In this series of articles, I’m going to introduce you to things that I like, as I like them.

This time, I’d like to talk about “socks”.

Socks are good~ Even if your tops and pants are simple, just a pair of socks with a flashy color or design will make you look more stylish and balanced.

Also, they are very economical. Even brand-name socks are easy to find. I often give them as gifts to both men and women because they are good for a small gift.

There are many different lengths of socks. I mainly wear crew socks that go up to my calves, anklet socks that go up to my ankles, and those that are somewhere in between.

As a side note, why are socks undershoes (靴下) when you can wear them inside your shoes? The word means “underwear (下) worn inside shoes (靴)”.

So out of the many socks I have, I’m going to show you some particularly fancy and unusual ones!


These are from my favorite brand, Happy Socks. This brand has many unique patterns, and they also have men’s ones. The ones I’ve shown you here are all patterned, but they also have simple ones, so be sure to check them out!


Here, the top ones are from a brand called Candy Stripper. On the bottom, from right to left, are mercibeaucoup, Vivienne Westwood, and I don’t remember the other two. Sorry.

The above brands are a bit pricey when it comes to clothes, but I often check out their socks because I can easily buy them. And I buy them without hesitation. More socks. Even though I only have two feet.
Socks and books increase with the birth of a child, so let’s be careful, shall we?

Now, I’d like to show the pattern in three dimensions, so I’m going to use a foot mannequin.
Please understand that it’s difficult to use a good sense of photography, so it looks like the world is upside down.


For the first one, I also have a black version. They are cute with the white balls on them.
The second one has a pompom that can be removed with a button. Convenient. It’s good because the socks are easy to match with simple sneakers.


Both of these were given to me as gifts by the same friend. “Hug me” with a cactus is very cute and tasteful. The flamingo is also interesting… though I wonder why it’s attached to such a place. However, I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I’d like to wear them.


See-through socks. The first one was given to me by a friend again. These are from Anna Sui.
I bought the second one at WE GO. It has a dinosaur pattern. The third one has a goldfish pattern. The fourth one has a geometric pattern. These are made of stocking material.
Unlike regular socks, see-through socks give me a sense of freedom, so I can wear them in summer when wearing sandals. On the other hand, when I wear fur sandals in the winter, I wear regular socks.


These were given to me by fans! Thank you very much. I’ve been wearing them a lot. Of all the things I receive, socks are the most wearable, and I smile when I think that everyone bought them imagining me wearing them~ When everyone is thinking of me, I am thinking of everyone.

And so I’ve introduced some of my socks to you.

I like to dress up my feet, so I also like tights, leggings, and stirrups. I’d like to introduce them if I get a chance.

See you next month! Ranko signing off!