One Week BUTAOTOME 180: Hakidasu Aka PV, Super Touhou Live Stage 2021, etc.

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I kinda messed up the schedule for this week, but here we are!

“showcasing my socks!”

Hakidasu Aka PV

The fifth track from the lastest album got a surprise PV!

Full lyrics and translation of the song are here (and in the video’s comments), while an analysis is here!

Super Touhou Live Stage 2021

We have our first live of the year, and it’s a Touhou one. As part of the Niconico Net Chokaigi 2021, there will be a super live with popular Touhou circles on April 29. It will be livestreamed on Nicovideo without a physical audience, and each circle will perform from their own studio/location! BUTAOTOME will be live during the 2nd part (from 17:20 to 22:00 JST).
There will be two versions of the livestream: the “alcohol side“, where you can enjoy it with comments by ZUN and Hiroyuki drinking beer together, and the “music side“, with the live at full screen.

TC updates

First of all, the Media section is updated. I’ve added some fanmade piano sheets made by NC from Discord! Since cover uploads are completely fine according to the new BUTAOTOME guidelines, feel free to use them! (but with all the credits) (also dedicate Sawareru Yume to me, thanks)

Secondly, I bring you several new translated songs and albums!

More will coooome…

Lastly, while I finally got my copy of Kochuuten, the review will be published in late May. This is for several reasons, including the fact that right now I want to give priority to the 5th anniversary re-review of Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi. I really want to talk about this album (again) and give it the best review I can write.

Other news

Ranko has a new post on Daily Bibibi, this time is about socks! You can read it here. Translation will be out tomorrow!

Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers finally got its Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 release (US store links, but it’s available worldwide)! This version is a complete port of the PC/Steam one, so it doesn’t have any new feature and comes with an English translation for character names, dialogues, and important UI elements. Of course, it has BUTAOTOME’s arrangement of Red and White!

Not really news, but a new version of GITADORA, named “HIGH-VOLTAGE”, was released the other day in Japanese arcades. It was a tradition for new GITADORA versions since Tri-Boost Re:Evolve to have a new BUTAOTOME original song at launch. While NEX+AGE didn’t get one at first, Henteko was released as part of the 10th anniversary event. Sadly, HIGH-VOLTAGE doesn’t have any new Pig song. At least for now…
(I wonder which will be the first rhythm game to get a song jacket with the new logo… and I wonder if original girls will still be a thing?)

And that’s all for this week!

P.s: tomorrow (April 24) will be the first anniversary of the announcement of Paprika leaving BUTAOTOME.