One Week BUTAOTOME 201 – OHISA news, etc.

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Ordering my lunch for tomorrow…

Website updates

The translation quest is still ongoing… The following albums and songs have been translated:

Now it’s time for a new translation form! Vote the albums (+ compilation track) you want to see translated next here! I will keep it open until Wednesday. Again, the compilation track is required, but you are free to pick a random song.

See you tomorrow with a special translation!


The three members are pretty much busy preparing for OHISA, the upcoming live in April. Tickets are sold out, and preorders for the related goods have started on BOOTH.

We also have got more YouTube activity! Ane uploaded this 1 hour selection of Nekokenban tracks, and all the members had a couple of livestreams where they just chatted.

Touhou Spell Bubble will release a new DLC on March 17! It will be rhythm game-themed, with tracks people know from rhythm games. There will be a BUTAOTOME song, but the tracklist is still unrevealed… tho it shouldn’t be hard to guess which song will be included (probably Machibito or Soldi)

Aaaaand that’s all for the news in the World of BUTAOTOME.