Tiramisu Cowboy’s “too-busy-playing-Pokémon” update

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Hi, I’m alive.

The title says it all. Ranko is currently obsessed with Pokémon Scarlet. This game has chocomint icecream and umeboshi, so it’s basically her game. Plus other spoilery stuff…

I, too, am busy playing Pokémon Me Violet, but I’m still working on… stuff for the official YouTube channel in my free time. I’ve also realized that Paprika’s birthday is in two weeks, but I have nothing planned… (I will try to resume the Nekokenban retrospective next year)

In the meantime, you can still read some new reviews if you want! The Itanshinmon one was published last month (I never talked about it in this type of post… also it’s probably one of my best reviews), while the Hakuma one was published a few days ago.

The only news is that Touhou Spell Bubble’s second rhythm game pack features Gekokujoujou and not Solid. In partial self-defense, that 2014 song became relevant only in the last two years (thanks to Danmaku Kagura), and I always forget they recently put it in more rhythm games (namely, maimai and jubeat mobile).

With Twitter possibly going down thanks to a certain cat girl, there were talks about possible alternatives. Ranko is thinking about updating the Fanbox blog more often, while her husband suggested going back to mixi (a Japanese social network that was very popular back then, to the point that the old Buta website on FC2 had links to the mixi account of each member). Tiramisu Cowboy will continue to be operative as usual, but if you want another source of quick updates in real-time, you can join Tiramisu Cowboy’s Discord Server!

Aaaaaand that’s all.