One Week BUTAOTOME 214: new song for pop’n music UniLab

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I’ve beaten Pokémon Violet, only the Pokédex and a few post-game things are left… But anyway, now I can focus better on stuff for this website.

I’m almost done with providing… stuff for the official YouTube channel, only 3-4 videos are left to do. Afterward, I should start working on a certain review planned for the end of the year… I think I won’t be able to translate the I LOVE albums before the end of the year, rip me.

Noumiso de Koujou

Original JP: 脳ミソ de 向上. Buta titles are getting weirder…
Anyway, this is the title of the new song made for the latest version of pop’n music! It’s not available from the get-go at the arcade, you have to unlock it through Narunaru♪ UniLab Jikkenshitsu!.

Someone: “No way a BUTAOTOME song wouldn’t rip the players’ arms off”
Ranko: “I look forward to everyone’s arms being ripped off by Noumiso de Koujou 🥰”

(by the way, I noticed that Comp follows Music Diver’s Twitter account… Music Diver is Taito’s newest arcade rhythm game, and I suppose it will become relevant to this website soon…)

Rhythm game OST releases!

Konami announced a couple of OST releases for some of their rhythm games: SOUND VOLTEX PERFECT ULTIMATE COMPLETE TRACKS ~Legend of KAC with Ω~ (to be released on February 15) and NOSTALGIA Music Collection ~Op.3~ (to be released on March 1). There are no tracklists yet, but there are high chances that they will include a few BUTAOTOME songs, including stuff currently without official lyrics!

And that’s all for this week!