One Week BUTAOTOME 215: Comiket 101 announcement is this weekend, English subs, and more…

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A shiny, sleepy new friend from the future world.

C101 announcement

BUTAOTOME will have big announcements on Sunday 18 at 4:00 CET!! They will announce the new releases for Comiket 101, as well as stuff for next year!

The two new albums are already up for pre-order on various doujin shops. As usual, I won’t publish any news post until the official announcement. However, if you can’t wait and want to spoil yourself… well, just click on the links down below!
. New Touhou Album
. Original Best
The crossfades are up on MelonBooks.
Please note that there will probably be some new merch that will be sold on the Pig’s BOOTH, as well as possible event-limited content (please no), so wait before doing your pre-order!

English subs on the official channel!

I’m done with providing stuff for the official YouTube channel! As you can see, now every BUTAOTOME PV has English subs! Subs will be provided for future videos as well!
Maybe I should do something to celebrate… uumu :looks at her backlog: Gotta organize my schedule.

Other news

  • Lyrics and translation for Doukei (the song made for Touhou Arcadia Record) have been added! The source is DAM karaoke’s lyrics database. Special thanks to Merami Fan, who provided the lyrics for me!
  • To get into the festive mood, Ane uploaded a selection of Christmas-esque Nekokenban tracks on the Fanbox!
  • MUSIC DIVER (Taito’s newest arcade game) has added Soldi!
  • Last week was Paprika’s birthday, so to celebrate it I did a giant playlist with my favorite songs arranged by her!

And that’s all for today! See you on extremely-late-Saturday-night-so-late-that-is-actually-Sunday (tho I think it should be simply Saturday night for you Americans)!