BOOTH summer sale! DaiVS radio! Upcoming stuff!

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The BUTAOTOME BOOTH is currently having a 50% sale on some old merch! They also added a few old t-shirts back in stock, such as this favorite of mine. (they also added the Hifuu t-shirt from the Kyoto event earlier this month buuuuuuuuuuut it’s sold-out already) Take this opportunity to buy something nice!

In preparation for the upcoming Daihinmin VS Daifugou live next month, the BUTAOTOME YouTube channel is currently having a radio with the songs from those two albums! It only has those two albums, so it’s just a loop of the same 16 songs. It will last until tomorrow at 17:00 CEST! Daihinmin is still one of the best Buta releases in my opinion, so listen if you haven’t done it!

btw, it has been confirmed that the DaiVS live will have a Touhou-only setlist.

Now, to website news…

First of all, thanks to everyone who answered the feedback form, but especially huge thanks to all the people who left a message in the last question! I won’t reveal the results now, but I’ve been preparing my upcoming schedule accordingly (one question got 100% answers on one single option… :anecar:). But before working on future reviews, I want to finish the next article.

Meanwhile, the Oshira Asobi review has been published! And I’ve finally decided to fully translate the translatable from this old 2011 book called collage. The PV commentary by Ane and the afterword have been added! (the sisters’ handwritings…)

And that’s all for today!