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Bass Magazine interview [January 2018]

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Another old interview from the magazines I bought specifically for BUTAOTOME articles! This one focuses on Comp as a bassist, and the bass techniques he used for Trauma Recorder. A strange-looking multi-creator who loves the bass A mixed-species group consisting of Ranko (vocals) the human, Comp (bass) the polar bear, Paprika (piano) the cat, and Ranko no Ane (performance, artwork)… Read more »

Trauma Recorder – review from Bass Magazine [December 2017]

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I finally got my magazines yesterday! So, here is a translation of the Trauma Recorder review from December 2017’s issue of Bass Magazine. Obviously, it focuses more on the bass! avex traxAVCD-93762Now on sale – 1500 yen – 6 tracks[Comp (bass, etc.)] Ranko (vocals), Paprika (piano, keyboard, etc.), othersBass satisfactory rate: 4 stars out of 5 The flexible stance and… Read more »