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Trauma Recorder – review from Bass Magazine [December 2017]

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I finally got my magazines yesterday! So, here is a translation of the Trauma Recorder review from December 2017’s issue of Bass Magazine. Obviously, it focuses more on the bass! avex traxAVCD-93762Now on sale – 1500 yen – 6 tracks[Comp (bass, etc.)] Ranko (vocals), Paprika (piano, keyboard, etc.), othersBass satisfactory rate: 4 stars out of 5 The flexible stance and… Read more »

Song of the week: Panorama

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From the livestream of 30th July 2014. Today the sisters were absent from the streaming, and there were just Paprika, Comp… and Compachi. Anyway, I’ve added the TOKYO LAST DAYS broadcast in the media section! Title: パノラマ Romaji: Panorama 合わせ過ぎたフォーカスに少しだけ戸惑ってるんだ くだらないこと滲んでく ボケまくった発色に後ろ髪ひかれちゃうけど 飲み込まれそうで怯えてる awasesugita fookasu ni sukoshi dake tomadotteru nda kudaranai koto nijindeku boke makutta hasshoku ni ushirogami hikarechau kedo nomikomaresou… Read more »