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Happy birthday to Comp! (2020)

It’s the COMPleanno! Comp is, and will always be my favorite doujin composer and Touhou arranger. I love his recognizable pop-rock style, but also how he is prone to experimenting with sounds. Add Ranko’s wonderful voice into the mix and you have a plethora of amazing tracks, a lot of my favorite songs and Touhou arranges of all time.I wish… Read more »

Happy birthday to Comp! (2019)

Happy birthday to the best polar bear around! In the last months I wasn’t a big fan of BUTAOTOME’s latest efforts. However, there is one thing I want to remind myself and all of you. Comp is the creative mind behind pretty much all my favourite songs, the singles we all know and love, and basically BUTAOTOME’s entire original catalogue…. Read more »

Happy birthday to Ranko! (2019)

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It’s Ranko’s birthday!The one who will always have the title of voice of my heart. Keep going for another wonderful year!On a side note, in a few days it will be seven years since I became a Butaotome/Ranko fan! Let’s double celebrate! This time’s dish is squid ink spaghetti! And here is a small extra… (I can’t draw, forgive me)

Happy birthday to Ranko! (2018)

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Happy birthday to Ranko! It’s been six years since I started to follow BUTAOTOME (or better, you lol), but you are still the voice of my heart! Another year of awesome songs and more good things! This is a dish I always loved since I was little, though it’s a bit expensive: penne with salmon!