Comiket 89 guest list

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Ok, ok. Usually, I prefer to wait few days before the events for making this kind of post. But there are already a lot of announcements and I feel like is a bit stupid to wait until the end (I don’t think we’ll get other guest albums). First of all, a little reminder that BUTAOTOME’s releases will be announced the 23rd at 20:00 JST (news link)!

I’ll update this post as soon as there are new infos or even new albums!

Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS 5

Disc 2, track 4: 言霊拾い | Kotodama Hiroi [Youkai Girl at the Gate]
As announced a month ago!

Nostalxia Drops | Exist twinkle
Track 7: Soft storage
It’s an instrumental track, and is the first time Paprika makes an original!!

LessExtra | Sally

Ranko has sung the second track, “演奏A” (Ensou A, an arrangement of Girls’ Sealing Club) and there are also a re-recording of Mirai Yohou and a version of the song “did” sung by her.


Ranko has sung the ninth track, “CRAZY YOU”, an arrangement of The Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner.

絶倫パトロール (Zetsurin Patrol) | Touhou Jihen
The third track is a duet between Ranko and IZNA. Title is 神楽0 (Kagura 0) and is an arrangement of Unforgettable, the Nostalgic Greenery.

“Activity” Case:05 -Forgotten Paradise- | GET IN THE RING

The first and titular track is a duet between Ranko and Mie. It’s an arrangement of most of Trojan Green Asteroid’s original tracks.
Random trivia: this was the very first thing Ranko recorded after the surgical operation.