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Happy Birthday to Ranko! (2022) – Beyond BUTAOTOME

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Happy birthday to the wonderful voice of BUTAOTOME! It was around this day, 10 years ago, that I became a BUTAOTOME fan. Or rather, I started as a Ranko fan. I think a lot of people got into BUTAOTOME because they heard Ranko’s voice in some other groups like Sally, Diao ye zong or UNDEAD CORPORATION. However, over time I… Read more »

Comiket 89 guest list

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Ok, ok. Usually, I prefer to wait few days before the events for making this kind of post. But there are already a lot of announcements and I feel like is a bit stupid to wait until the end (I don’t think we’ll get other guest albums). First of all, a little reminder that BUTAOTOME’s releases will be announced the… Read more »