Touhou ABC @ Hiroshima – setlist

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I know that during these months I haven’t dedicated attention to Touhou ABC, the A-One x Butaotome x Cool&Create tour. I always checked their setlists, but they were not really interesting… In short, during the previous dates, Buta played the popular songs from their first albums, a PapuComp song/Hifuu album interludes and barely something from new releases (from Getsumen Tansa only Rougetsu was played, and during the March and April liveshows). Though, I know a concert must not be judged by its setlist… Anyway, this time we have the live debut of a couple of Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi tracks and even the C&C cover!

1. Hakanaki mono ningen
2. Good master
3. Ningen ga daisuki na kowareta youkai no uta
4. Let’s Matsuri
5. Pyrite
6. Gensou no satellite
7. Warp on
8. Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage

Bonus: A-One played Side by Side (Ranko x Aki duet from their newest album)