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One week BUTAOTOME 118: working on things

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Uta Matsuri setlist1. Gensou no Satellite2. Hakanaki Mono Ningen3. Soldi4. Machibito wa Kozu.5. Mesen6. Momoiro Fivestar7. Haru no Yuki8. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no TsukikageThis was (probably) the last live in Japan of the year. Next live is in Shanghai, on December 7! Other stuff– After two years, I’ve decided to update “A Beginner’s guide to the World of BUTAOTOME“!–… Read more »

Unlucky Otome – setlist

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The first of the 3 two man lives for BUTAOTOME’s 10th anniversary just ended! We got the setlist of the Pig’s part thanks to the usual Ark Lucifead! Sadly the setlist seems too focused on Touhou songs. I was also hoping for a cover of an Unlucky Morpheus song (and Ankimo and co. playing GenSate or what). But hey, at… Read more »

Furubokkoru tour in Tokyo – setlist

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Usual live staples and more old songs’ comeback! Also, in between the breaks, there was a live corner with Compachi-sensei, where Comp’s alter ego replied to fans’ problems! 1. Radical Shoujo 2. Mou ashita nanka iranai 3. Yakeru you na Aka de 4. Sharekoube 5. Itsumo no Futari 6. Motelab. 7. Hatenabito 8. Kyou en 9. Anata ni wa miete… Read more »

Furubokkoru tour in Osaka – setlist

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The live just ended!! All of Furubokko was played (obviously), but we also got the live debut of Giji Kazoku tracks and finally something from Paradise Lost! Also, lots of old favourites re-appeared! Setlist from the usual Ark Lucifead: 1. Radical Shoujo 2. The fear is oneself 3. Jigoku Kakurenbo 4. RAKUEN 5. Panorama 6. Sharekoube 7. Futari dake no… Read more »

Touhou ABC @ Hiroshima – setlist

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I know that during these months I haven’t dedicated attention to Touhou ABC, the A-One x Butaotome x Cool&Create tour. I always checked their setlists, but they were not really interesting… In short, during the previous dates, Buta played the popular songs from their first albums, a PapuComp song/Hifuu album interludes and barely something from new releases (from Getsumen Tansa… Read more »