Pocket no News 17: Furubokko is out!

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The day has come.
Furubokko, the first major release, basically the sixth original album, is out now!

…ok, technically the official release date is tomorrow, but various Japanese shops decided to sell it already, and many people got their copy from Amazon.

As for me, I’ve pre-ordered my copy from Melonbooks with a proxy because hardcore fanz want the coolest extras!!11; it hasn’t arrived to the warehouse, hopefully it will arrive tomorrow, and maybe I’ll get my package next week. However, I should be able to start to work on the album contents on Saturday (thanks, Scottolo in Japan)! Though, I’ve already added some stuff in the album page thanks to some twitpics. I’ll start to properly work on the review once I get my physical copy, and I’ll also include a comment about sachlich.

By the way, it’s the 15th now in Japan. Furubokko is already available on digital music shops!
Amazon JP | iTunes JP [the latter has also previews of 1 minute and 30!]
If you are able to buy from them outside Japan (you need gift cards, there are tutorials in the web), that’s your chance! In the meantime, let’s hope for download releases more “overseas-friendly”! w
EDIT: Furubokko is available also in iTunes store outside Japan! If it’s already the 15th in your country, check iTunes!

Tomorrow there will be the usual weekly streaming!
The Sis said that they are planning to announce a “mysterious big project (?)” linked to Furubokko’s release. :mysteries:
Nicovideo link

Last thing is that I’ve created a Facebook page for Tiramisu Cowboy: it’s mostly another newsfeed, feel free to follow! Facebook

See you next update! :hypetrain: