BUTAOTOME’s mobile fanclub closing – moving on Pixiv Fanbox!

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It has been announced that the BUTAOTOME mobile fanclub will be shut down at the end of November. A big reason is that the website was made with the major, and (quoting Comp) “we had to go through a management company before we could upload photos and videos, so there was a time lag and a lot of work to update the site, and as a result, the frequency of updates has dropped”. Thus, it has been decided to close it and open a Pixiv Fanbox instead.

Pixiv Fanbox is basically Japanese Patreon. By pledging a certain amount of money every month, you can access to some super cool content! At the moment there are 2 tiers:

Natural Course (500 yen per month)
– special blog posts about lyrics, music equipment and illustration drafts
– karaoke videos
– voice posts

Maniac Course (1000 yen per month)
– all the rewards from Natural tier
– past rare pictures and videos
– karaoke sources
– PSD data
– videos/audios of the members talking with each other

If you don’t pay anything, you can just read general daily life blog posts, including Comp’s first post, detailing the reason behind this Fanbox.

As I did with the Fanclub, Tiramisu Cowboy won’t publish anything from the Fanbox that’s behind the paywall, except for translations of interesting blog posts.