One Week BUTAOTOME 158: Pixiv Fanbox, etc.

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“Yay, new updates for our games!”

I skipped last week’s update due to the lack of big news, but now here we are!
Ranko recorded something, and Comp… is tweeting stuff in English for unknown reasons.

Last Friday, Ranko was a guest in a radio streaming by a friend of hers, just for random chatting. You can relisten to it here.

From Fanclub to Fanbox
There was a major announcement on Saturday, as I reported in the previous post!
BUTAOTOME’s Fanbox is a new way to support the circle every month, and get cool rewards. The old Fanclub page has been repurposed with all the details about it!
The old Fanclub on will close any subscription on October 31 and will be completely shut down at the end of November. It’s still unknown if the old stuff and blog posts will be lost forever, but I will make a backup of everything.

Yume no Hanashi translation
2 thirds of the book have been translated in both languages, woohoo! In the past two weeks I’ve published:
– Mikan no Furusato [ENG | ITA]
– Yousei no Yume [ENG | ITA]
– Souzou [ENG | ITA]
The final 3 stories will be published on Friday 2 and Monday 5. Then there will be a post-translation commentary!

And that’s all for this week.