One Week BUTAOTOME 157: Touhou Cannonball’s shutdown, etc.

Saying goodbye to the little friend…

Here is last weekend’s MiniComp Show (also known as Touhou no Uta) in case you missed it.

Touhou Cannonball’s end of service
After not even a full year since release, Aniplex and Quatro A announced that the first Touhou gacha will be shut down on October 14. The latest update just added the final story chapters (without quests) and it’s no longer possible to buy gems/gacha currency. After the shutdown, it will no longer be possible to access the game.

It’s not hard to guess why this is happening. While the game was making a moderate amount of money, it still wasn’t enough to maintain all of its high-quality assets: live 2D models, character arts by different artists, different voice actresses, at least 5 songs for each girl… These were Cannonball’s highest points and the reason why a lot of people (including myself) were into the game. It felt less like a gacha and more like the ultimate collaboration between our favorite artists. However, the game itself wasn’t really suitable for a mobile format, and outside of more currency, there wasn’t anything to spend money on. Last but not least, the existence of another Touhou gacha (Lost Word), which completely removes what made Cannonball so special (as well as dinosaurs) in favor of much more aggressive marketing and acting like an actual gacha.

A lot of stuff was made for the game, and some of these are now left unused in the files. They won’t be entirely lost forever because various fans are now working on archiving everything, but a legitimate question is if an actual OST for the game will be released, or if circles can now do whatever they want with their songs.

BUTAOTOME contributed a lot to the game, and they were the second circle with the highest number of contributions, only behind IOSYS. In this game, we got the first tracks made after Shoujo Rengoku 5’s release (now that Paprika is a ghost), Comp making actually slow instrumentals, and also a previously unreleased cat track with the last event. Ane posted some of the arts she made for the songs, without titles/artist name and (surprisingly enough) the Aniplex/Quatro A copyright.

I’ve started playing Cannonball in January, and I’ve made some good memories with it. So I want to thank Aniplex, Quatro A, and all the people and artists involved in this game. If only CB wasn’t a mobile game/gacha, maybe now we wouldn’t talk about its end.

Yume no Hanashi’s translation progress
It’s going pretty well!! I’ve posted two translations in the past few days:
– Kioku no Fuchi [ENG | ITA]
– Yukuefumei no. [ENG | ITA]
Next in the schedule is one of the three stories from the second third of the book. (Mikan no Furusato, Yousei no Yume, Souzou). I have drafts in both languages done, but I’m considering posting Souzou on Friday because the other two stories required some searches (especially the Reisen one), and it might be good to read a ReiMari story with PC-98 ties after Yukuefumei no.. But my plans can still change.

Some small maimai news
A giant OST release has been announced! It will be released on November 4, and it will contain all the original tracks from all the pre-DX versions of maimai. We can finally get Yumehanabi in higher quality!
Also, maimai’s original vocal tracks are going to invade DAM, and Yumehanabi and Ichi ka Bachi will be added on September 29 in karaoke.

And that’s all for today.

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    I’m gonna miss it, and if they ever release a big Cannonball Music Album, I’ll definitely be buying one…

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