One Week BUTAOTOME 174: let’s go calmly this week

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BUTAOTOME members are currently working on the Reitaisai 18 release!

Fanbox things

The BUTAOTOME Fanbox is constantly updated with free posts (mostly by Ane), but paying subscribers can still get some exclusive content! A post about Daihinmin and Daifugou’s design is available here (translation here).

In a couple of free posts, we also discover some interesting stuff.

Ranko is busy with lyrics writing. She said that it’s been a long time and that she is planning to write a blog post soon. [source In this post she also wrote that her next article on Bibibi will be about… umeboshi…] Today she was unmotivated, so she decided to write a blog post filled with teacup pictures to motivate herself. I haven’t been motivated to write some of the planned reviews for this website that I want to publish soon, so maybe I should follow her example (or tide up stuff instead)…

In this post, Ane talked about her activities as a lyrics writer. She used to write lyrics (in the first four Buta albums and then a few songs in 2011-2012, she is the one who wrote Gensou no Satellite!), but then she stopped. She tried multiple times to get back into it, but she always ends up being unable to write anything, and the other members wiped her ass (I’m sorry, but she literally said that, event deadlines are painful). People have been asking her if she will ever go back into it, but at the moment it’s just “If I could, I would”.

By the way, I’ve updated the Fanbox page with a full list of the posts in the Natural and Maniac tiers!

Other news

There was a MiniComp Show last weekend with Girls’ Logic Observatory members.

Unknown X, with the help of various Japanese and Chinese Touhou circles, produced the theme song for the Chinese Touhou online event 東方華燈宴 (Touhou Katouen?)!
Ranko provided a small vocal part to it.

The Imperishable Night DLC is out now on Touhou Spell Bubble. As I previously guessed, Kyouen is in it.

Aaaand that’s all for this week!