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This is yet another lacking period of news. But instead of writing “no weekly recap today” on Twitter, I just want to write this small update on the website. Mostly to show that I’m still alive, and working every day on this website.

(old pic)

The only BUTAOTOME-related news I bring you today is that COMIC1 BS Festival Special will be on Sunday 23. This event will be a sort of substitute to Comiket, which was supposed to be held around this time (it’s also in the same location, Tokyo Big Sight). BUTAOTOME will have a booth there, but they won’t bring anything new. By the way, Comiket 99 is currently rescheduled for Winter 2021, specific dates are still not announced.

Now, to this website. I’m constantly updating the FANBOX page, by listing all the natural/maniac tier posts, and the Rhythm game page. Regarding the latter, it’s hard to keep track of the songs on jubeat mobile due to the gacha system (seriously, who thought this was a good idea), but I don’t think there are other BUTAOTOME songs besides what I currently found. By the way, CHUNITHM recently got a new update called PARADISE LOST and I somehow can’t accept that it doesn’t have Lost Word Chronicle, especially since the other two SEGA games (maimai and ONGEKI) already got that song.

In translation land, I’m mostly done with 3 album translations. One of them will be published this week (conveniently, the shortest album of the bunch)! I’m also almost done with a very old and long interview, but it will be published next month. Oh, and Ranko will probably publish her monthly Bibibi article in a few days, it will be translated as usual!
But speaking of stuff I actually published, well, Fureru and Osore nashi got their translation! These two songs are part of the cursed Koishi saga, and they stand out for being two Hartmann’s Youkai Girl arrangements made in the same series of compilation (Toranoana’s Touhou Gensoukyou Uroboros).

Oh, and at last, I want to remind myself to finish the Kochuuten review…

Aaaand that’s all for this week!