One Week BUTAOTOME 181: Touhou music on Spotify and more!

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We are finally back with the recap!! By the way, did you play Unconnected Marketeers?

Touhou music on Spotify

On April 29, Touhou music marked its official debut on Spotify. All the albums distributed by Touhou Doujin Music Distribution are available on the platform, free to listen to! This includes the almost entire BUTAOTOME Touhou library (Kochuuten will be eventually added on a future date), now it’s so simple to listen to their music in a legal way!

To celebrate it, I’ve created several Buta-themed playlists:

Please note that some playlists are “incomplete” due to several tracks/albums/artists not distributed by TDMD.
More will come! You can also check my profile for some general Touhou playlists!

Super Touhou Live Stage 2021

In case you missed the live from April 29, you can rewatch it on Youtube! Below is the video timestamped to the BUTAOTOME part.


  1. Gensou no Satellite
  2. Hakanaki mono Ningen
  3. Kyouen
  4. Soldi
  5. Hakidasu Aka (live debut)
  6. Machibito wa Kozu.
  7. Haru no Yuki
  8. Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no Tsukikage

jubeat mobile

The mobile version of KONAMI’s jubeat got a juicy update with tons of new songs. It was released last Friday. Currently, song lists in various wikis are still outdated/have various songs missing, so I can’t give you a proper coverage of which BUTAOTOME songs are available. So far I can only confirm that the four songs from the Touhou pack (Kyouen, Hana, Machibito wa Kozu. and Gensou no Satellite) and Tanpopo are there! Apparently, the lists are still incomplete because… there is a gacha system for unlocking the songs. Yep.

TC Translation updates

I bring you one full album translation and some side tracks:

Aaaaand that’s all for this week!