One Week BUTAOTOME 212: end of the month update

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So, I wanna start with some life updates: my new apartment is pretty good, some restructural works are currently ongoing (and I also need to get Internet there). Due to some stuff, there are chances that it won’t be my new permanent home, but rather something that could be put on Airbnb and similar.

Oh, and on the last week of October + the first week of November Scott will visit me for the first time since the pandemic! Updates will be significantly slowed down during that time.

Anyway, I haven’t been doing much lately, besides revising a couple of old translations, doing some Italian translations (did I translate Sally shuriken lyrics?!) and writing some stats about the Touhou popularity poll… There hasn’t been much Buta-related news lately outside of… exactly one thing, the one mentioned below. And some stuff related to a certain gacha I refuse to talk about. And the sisters still updating the Fanbox with weekly radios.

Muse Dash is officially COMPlete

A new update has been released on the rhythm game Muse Dash, available on Switch, mobile, and Steam. It features some more Touhou songs, including Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage (in its original Tasogare Elegy version)! The mobile version has separated DLC options (you need to purchase the second Touhou Mugakudan pack), the PC one has a big DLC with everything and the Switch version comes with every song.
This marks BUTAOTOME’s full debut in one of my dream rhythm games after Youkairokku blabla was added with the Cytus collab. I was hoping for an original rather than a Touhou track, but Kakoinaki is still great!

What’s next?

BUTAOTOME will have spaces at both Touhou Kouroumu and Autumnal Reitaisai next month, but who knows what they are planning…

Aaaand that’s all for this week! And month! Spooky month time!