One Week BUTAOTOME 134: Reitaisai 17 update, etc.

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So, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Reitaisai 17 has been postponed. Yeah, “postponed”, not “canceled”. The new date for the convention is May 17, but honestly, I’m willing to bet that it will be postponed again/canceled. However, most of the circles (including Buta) are already done with their releases, and they will still release them on the original day of the event (March 22, through BOOTH or Melonbooks and co.).

BUTAOTOME’s Reitaisai 17 releases (now “Air Reitaisai releases”) are a new Touhou vocal album called Ese Souretsu Shinan and a reprint of the 2013 album Itanshinmon.
Check this previous post for more info!
To everyone’s surprise, Occultic Dreamer, the first track of ESS, has been uploaded on the official Youtube channel!

Touhou no Uta
There was a Touhou no Uta streaming today, with your usual Comp and MiniComp. This month’s guest was Beatmario. I didn’t watch it because my intestine is okay and I don’t have problems with pooping. Jokes aside, you can watch it here.

Touhou Spell Bubble
A new free update is now live on Touhou Spell Bubble, the rhythmical Puzzle Bubble clone! This update adds some Touhou arrangements that were made for Groove Coaster, including BUTAOTOME’s Kiyoraka na Koufuku! The game is still available only on the Japanese Nintendo Switch shop.

….aaaand that’s all for this week!