One Week BUTAOTOME 163: website updates, Air Comiket 2 and more

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I’m running out of ideas for the TC Crew pics. I need a holiday. I want to move out.

Website stuff

First of all, I have updated the Comp and Paprika’s guest works page. Notable changes are adding Comp’s commercial works from 2008-2011 that have been added on the official site and moving Paprika’s stuff to the bottom (she has made very few instrumental/non-Ranko songs outside of BUTAOTOME and as Paprika). I may add a couple of songs Comp did as “not-Comp” but that wasn’t listed on the official website in the future (including one from a franchise everyone knows at least by name). The bear’s official list had a good chunk of extremely obscure stuff that I had a hard time tracking down. Some songs are also missing information, namely “she” by Lee Byung-hun and “Wild Berry” by Itsuka Minatsu. If you happen to know any missing info about those, please tell me!

The giant BUTAOTOME list of songs is slowly getting new updates. Features have been and will be added! I should be done by the weekend.
Oh, and I’ve finally backed up all the blog posts from the old website, before they might get lost forever once it will shut down at the end of the month. I will (re)translate some posts soon!

News from the World of BUTAOTOME

The three members shot the new promotional picture last week, but they still haven’t published it. The only thing we know is that Ranko has a new hair color. You’ll see it.

As Comiket 99 won’t happen at the end of the year due to the pandemic, there will be an “Air” replacement on December 30 and 31. Ane said that something to release is planned!

A new Touhou Spell Bubble DLC has been released! This time it’s Sanae’s side story. It contains 3 songs, including Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage. The DLC is currently only available in the Japanese Nintendo Switch store, but you can still purchase it with a Japanese account.

There was a Touhou Station livestream last weekend, and it was rhythm game-themed. ZUN played GenSate on maimai. The streaming can be rewatched here, but I can’t give you the exact timestamp because Mildom is dumb. (I don’t even know why Touhou Station decided to move away from Youtube…)

On the same day, Comp was a guest at a Reitaisai streaming, where they talked about past editions of Uta Matsuri among other things. And speaking of Uta Matsuri, the channel uploaded a couple of videos! Hakanaki Mono Ningen | Soldi

Ranko no Ane drew the artwork for this year’s Kyokutou Outbreak.
Kyokutou Outbreak is a project focused on smaller Touhou rock circles. They had lives and compilations, and this year they finally revived after six years. BUTAOTOME played at one of those events in October 2010, and the song Fuwari Kakusei was originally made for one of Kyokutou’s compilations.

And that’s all for this week.