The return of the official Youtube channel

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BUTAOTOME’s youtube channel has been left inactive after its first usage (samples for the C89 releases), but it suddenly came back! They just uploaded the video they showed at last year’s december live, announcing their major debut, the mini-album release and the upcoming live in March so most of this is outdated. Comp also tweeted that they are planning to… Read more »

Ane no Ekaki Uta PV

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Official video for Ane no Ekaki Uta, Ranko no Ane’s drawing song from the Butaotome Fanbook CD! (Nicovideo ver) Made by Akimizu. It uses the arts from the fanbook and some panels from Sis’ manga. (Source:

The community strike went away!

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Hey, this is a long video, you know what it means? The community strike finally expired and now I have more freedom with uploading stuff! Party timeeeee :trumpets: As soon as I noticed the channel regained good standing, I uploaded this video, the Nouzui live! One of my favourite Buta liveshows. In the next days I’ll tidy up my live… Read more »

Hanakaki Mono Ningen PV

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Hakanaki Mono Ningen short PV. Made by yama_ko, kichi and Chisei (前田地生). On an unrelated note, today Buta recorded something for a radio show! I don’t know what it is more specifically, but according to Ranko’s tweet, it should be aired from 16th to 22nd May at various hours. This “TOKYO LAST DAYS” seems to be something aimed to introduce… Read more »

Reitaisai Collab Unit Song

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I’m not even sure if it’s fine to post this video… It’s taken from the official Reitaisai streaming, btw. Anyway: the “Reitaisai Collab Unit Song” (temporary name) has been revealed! It’s basically a big medley of famous Touhou themes and each circle is in charge of a certain portion: – Maiden’s Capriccio (intro) – U.N. Owen Was Her? [Kishida Kyoudan]… Read more »

Song of the week: Waizatsu Ideology

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Surprise! Directly from the Nouzui live (8th February 2015), Waizatsu Ideology. I have the full video of this liveshow in my PC but I can’t upload it on Youtube because you know the current situation of Tiramisu’s channel. I also have a ButaNama version, but I wanted something “perfect” because I’m really affectionate to this song. Title: 猥雑イデオロギー Romaji: Waizatsu ideology… Read more »