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Autumnal Reitaisai 2 recap

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Sunday is Autumnal Reitaisai! Is there anything Buta-related, other than I LOVE CHERRY? Well, Mittsu Kazoero will be playable on the music game Sound Voltex! And that’s all. No albums with random guest partecipations, neither as full circle, Ranko singing something or what. Maybe it’s not worth mentioning, but since it’s a track with Ranko among the various vocalists… there… Read more »

Touhou 20th anniversary party

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This Saturday (17th October) at 15:00 JST (8:00 CEST) there will be a streaming for celebrating the 20 years of Touhou Project, and Butaotome will be among the various guests! They’ll also play something.Livestream link

Miscellaneous news

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So… Yesterday I’ve finally updated the “about” section: I’ve included informations from the official site and also added a little story about this site. I’ve also finally decided to open the “Ask” and the “Submit” sections! With the Ask section you can contact me more easily, and with the Submit section you can submit your fanwork, which I can approve… Read more »

Ano Hi mita Gensou – setlist

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As much as I am an hardcore Piggy, I am also an huge fan of the Hifuu Club, and I am deeply affectioned to all the Butasongs dedicated to them. So, I was looking forward their setlist for this Hifuu-only live (whose lineup was Honeypocket, BUTAOTOME and TUMENECO + GET IN THE RING), and here we have it! 1. Yumekikou… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 2 release!

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I LOVE RED’s sequel! I LOVE CHERRY Official website 1. ダンスダンスダンス | Dance dance dance [Youyou Bakko] 2. オレンジ | Orange [Diāo yè zōng (withered leaf)] 3. 枯れ木知らず | Kareki shirazu [Yuuga ni Sakase, Sumizome no Sakura ~ Border of Life] 4. one life [Necro-Fantasia] 5. ただいま | Tada ima [Yuurei Gakudan ~ Phantom Ensemble] 6. パーフェクトドール | Perfect doll… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 2 announcement

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The Autumnal Reitaisai release will be announced (probably) this Friday!Judging by the fact in these days Ranko didn’t tweeted “I’ve recorded!!1” at all and Paprika posted a couple of Twitpics with her recording vocals… Unless they are trolling/surprising us, I LOVE RED 2 is 90% confirmed. Butaotome will also partecipate at the Kagaku Seiki Cafe Terrace event on Monday, but… Read more »

Kashiramoji of songs day 2 – setlist

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Just ended! Same place, different hashtag, same two new songs but completely different setlist! They also played one of the two songs included in the exclusive CD for who went at both dates! 1. Hito no tame2. Fashion chuunibyou3. Mamorubeki mono4. Yoi kage5. Hakanaki mono ningen6. Mirai7. Futatsu no cinema8. Yuukeimukei9. Fuwari kakusei10. Panorama11. Waizatsu ideology12. Mou ii yo13. Moonstone14…. Read more »

Kashiramoji of songs day 1 – setlist

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Well, yesterday there was the first day of the Kashiramoji of songs live event. I had a look at the Twitter hashtag and I found the setlist. They played two completely new songs (and apparently they are both originals)! 1. Kokochiyosa ni shine2. Karisome no seven wonder3. Itsumo no futari4. Circus5. Circus no knife nage6. The fear is oneself7. Derashine8…. Read more »

Touhou arrangements pack on Groove Coaster 2

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For those who own an android or iOS, a pack of Touhou songs for Groove Coaster 2 is now available worldwide, and it includes the Butaotome songs featured in the original Japanese release! The songs are “Machibito wa kozu.”, “Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage”, “Gensou no satellite” and “Kyouen”. Groove Coaster 2 official site News source

Kashiramoji of Songs exclusive CD

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As Butaotome have announced months ago, those who come at both dates of the Kashiramoji of Songs live event will receive an exclusive CD containing four tracks. Today, they finally posted tracklist and crossfade! There are two new tracks (a Touhou arrange and an original) and their respective piano instrumental versions. Official website 1. 就寝 | Shuushin [Shoujo Satori ~… Read more »