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Gekkayo – Oriental Yumekikou review and Machibito wa Kozu. music sheet [November 2011]

Gekkayo was a very old music magazine that had some doujin/internet culture-related content. It’s currently dead, so your only way to get copies is through second-hand shops. The Novemeber 2011 issue had a review of Oriental Yumekikou from Comp and a music sheet for Machibito wa Kozu., and here they are! Special thanks to Merami fan for sending me the… Read more »

Delivering an update…

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So, hello? It’s been a while! The Persona brain rot is going super strong – I’m currently playing 2 (cleared Innocent Sin, so now it’s Eternal Punishment time), and also consuming a lot of extra material related to 5. A certain detective has been living rent-free in my brain, in a way I probably never felt with other characters. Congratulations… Read more »

A post-Switzerland update

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BUTAOTOME at Japan Impact Anyone who attended Japan Impact in Switzerland last weekend? None of my friends was there, and neither was any Japanese fan (and since Buta didn’t post the setlists, that part of the fanbase was desperate to know them). So… Behold! Here they are! Special thanks to Batatao who sent them to me! Day 1: Day 2:… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Ranko! (2024) – an analysis on Tamashii Asobi’s lyrics

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It’s Ranko’s birthday!! Happy birthday 💜💜💜 This might be easily treated as a sequel to last year’s post. BUTAOTOME’s latest album features a song that entered in my top 10 Ranko lyrics: Tamashii Asobi. I have a lot to say about the lyrics of this song, and today I want to give them a deep (…) analysis. Disclaimer: the following… Read more »