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One Week BUTAOTOME 98: the Black live is this weekend!

Muse Dash is a rhythm game that recently got a Steam porting (as well as a Switch one) and honestly I think it’s how every rhythm game on PC should be. It runs fine on my 7 years old PC, calibration works fine, base game is cheap, it has a colorful interface there is a lot of content. Also, even… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 85: new albums coming on iTunes and Google Play!

As the title saysAfter 5 months of silence, we finally have a new update on the Touhou albums availabilty on iTunes and Google Play. From this Saturday at midnight (your local time), all the releases from the autumnal events/ winter Comiket of the circles that were already available (including BUTAOTOME) will be finally purchasable on the digital music shops! Other… Read more »

One week BUTAOTOME 83: maimai and TAPSONIC news

Today’s livestream was 30 minutes long and Comp talked about alcohol. On a unrelated note, Ranko recorded something on Monday! Music game planetThis week we have some exciting news! First of all, a song has been added on Maimai last Friday. It’s a certain track from Ayakashi Yokochou and a popular arrangement from Touhou 16… That’s right, I’m talking about… Read more »

Happy birthday to Ranko! (2019)

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It’s Ranko’s birthday!The one who will always have the title of voice of my heart. Keep going for another wonderful year!On a side note, in a few days it will be seven years since I became a Butaotome/Ranko fan! Let’s double celebrate! This time’s dish is squid ink spaghetti! And here is a small extra… (I can’t draw, forgive me)