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Kashiramoji of songs day 1 – setlist

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Well, yesterday there was the first day of the Kashiramoji of songs live event. I had a look at the Twitter hashtag and I found the setlist. They played two completely new songs (and apparently they are both originals)! 1. Kokochiyosa ni shine2. Karisome no seven wonder3. Itsumo no futari4. Circus5. Circus no knife nage6. The fear is oneself7. Derashine8…. Read more »

Jump Otome medley

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No no, it’s not song of the week time, I know! But for this weekend, while there are the Kashiramoji of songs liveshows, I wanted to share a couple of things I made. If you have watched the Jump Otome live, you’ll have noticed the medley with Ondeko no Namida, Hakanaki mono Ningen and Y. So… here is a little… Read more »

Song of the week: Itami Honpo

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From the livestream of 3rd September 2014. Today there was Ranko, but they still haven’t played anything. Also, I was planning to write a “Kashiramoji of Songs – FAQ for overseas Piggys”, but since they haven’t announced a livestream of the two concerts this weekend, I don’t feel motivated for writing them D: Anyway, this is one of the few… Read more »

Touhou arrangements pack on Groove Coaster 2

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For those who own an android or iOS, a pack of Touhou songs for Groove Coaster 2 is now available worldwide, and it includes the Butaotome songs featured in the original Japanese release! The songs are “Machibito wa kozu.”, “Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage”, “Gensou no satellite” and “Kyouen”. Groove Coaster 2 official site News source

Kashiramoji of Songs exclusive CD

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As Butaotome have announced months ago, those who come at both dates of the Kashiramoji of Songs live event will receive an exclusive CD containing four tracks. Today, they finally posted tracklist and crossfade! There are two new tracks (a Touhou arrange and an original) and their respective piano instrumental versions. Official website 1. 就寝 | Shuushin [Shoujo Satori ~… Read more »

Song of the week: Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida

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From the livestream of 15th January 2014. Today Ranko was absent from the weekly streaming, so it’s time to post something old! And it’s also Cirno’s day… Title: 青いミレン、蒼いナミダ Romaji: Aoi miren, Aoi namida Translation: Blue regrets, blue tears Original theme: Otenba Koimusume やる事が無いと長くなる 楽しいとすぐに速くなる あいまいな時間の流れも ループする季節も yaru koto ga nai to nagaku naru tanoshii to sugu ni hayaku naru aimai na… Read more »

Song of the week: Flight on deep time

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From today (2nd September)’s streaming! I’ve decided I’ll post every week a song recorded from their weekly namahousou. Since I have an archive with every song so far, I can also post something (old) even if there is no Ranko at the stream/they skip/whatever reason. Title: Flight on deep time 空に吐いたため息は 限りなく透明で 何もなかったみたいに 何処かに消えた sora ni haita tameiki wa kagirinaku toumei de… Read more »

Song of the week: Nawatobi

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From today (26th August)’s streaming! While waiting for Shoujo Rengoku 3, here is a short and acoustic version of the second track. Title: 縄跳び Romaji: Nawatobi Translation: Skipping rope Original theme: Desire Drive もう 遠くに 遠くに 夢は描けない  もう さよなら さよなら さよなら  もう よしなに よしなに 後始末をして  もう さよなら さよなら 忘れて mou tooku ni tooku ni yume wa egakenai mou sayonara sayonara sayonara mou yoshinani yoshinani atoshimatsu wo shite mou sayonara sayonara wasurete 欺いても欺いても欺けない運命の山… Read more »

Comiket 88 guest list

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Friday is Comiket 88! Let’s take a look to what we can find Buta-related, other than the upcoming albums! Touhou PARTY BOX Disc 1, track 12: ナニカシラ | Nanikashira [The Fantastic Tales from Tono] Disc 2, track 5: 嫌々 | Iyaiya [Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll] (the third disc just contains old songs from the participants circles, and Buta’s selected… Read more »

Butaotome on Tokyo FM

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First of all, I apologize for not having wrote a post about this. Since Radiko.jp doesn’t work outside Japan, I wanted to be sure to find a way for listening. Well, now I am ready for the next time! :°D Today Butaotome were on Tokyo FM, as guests of “Ooya Shizuka no Enkatsu!” (大家志津香のエン活!). It was their very first time… Read more »