One Week BUTAOTOME 205: Juushin is here! Also, mostly website and translation updates

“sneaky sneaky…”

Translation updates

So, I’m bringing you a bigger update! First of all, we have the new album already! All the lyrics and translations of Juushin have been added to each song’s page!

An older album that got all its translations is Shoujo Rengoku 4.

And at last, compilation songs:

Now every single compilation song has a translation! At least those that have official lyrics available. By the way, Touhou Spell Bubble will get an OST release in July, so Hikari Puzzle will eventually arrive!

Right now, I wanna focus on finishing every album translation. I’m currently missing only eight albums (seven, if we consider that epitaffio is partially translated and Kansha Kangeki is only 3 tracks), and if I manage to keep up the pace, I should be done around the time C100 happens (in August). This means that I will get back on reviews and written posts once I’m done with this big project, although there are two articles planned for the near future: Comp’s birthday post (which I hope I can finish in time) and the Juushin review.


Reitaisai went fine, Juushin is now on sale…

The official upload of Kyouen’s PV has surpassed 1 million views! Congratulations! Hopefully, other vids will soon get the milestone, let’s go!

Two sets of pictures from last month’s OHISA live have been uploaded on the BUTAOTOME Fanbox, only for Maniac subscribers! First Second

Ane has uploaded a couple of fanarts for illustration contests on her Pixiv account: ENDER LILLIES and Beauteen. Also, Juushin’s cover.

Aaaand that’s all for today! Also happy eurovision

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