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Song of the week: Panorama

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From the livestream of 30th July 2014. Today the sisters were absent from the streaming, and there were just Paprika, Comp… and Compachi. Anyway, I’ve added the TOKYO LAST DAYS broadcast in the media section! Title: パノラマ Romaji: Panorama 合わせ過ぎたフォーカスに少しだけ戸惑ってるんだ くだらないこと滲んでく ボケまくった発色に後ろ髪ひかれちゃうけど 飲み込まれそうで怯えてる awasesugita fookasu ni sukoshi dake tomadotteru nda kudaranai koto nijindeku boke makutta hasshoku ni ushirogami hikarechau kedo nomikomaresou… Read more »

Song of the week: Rougetsu

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From today’s livestream! Finally something new (ok, not from the new album, but they still haven’t played any Getsumen song during livestreams)! Also, Tiramisu’s Youtube channel is finally active: I upload the newest performances every Thursday, as well as old stuff (thanks to a dear friend who sent me these videos!) on random days, so check out! Title: 朗月 Romaji:… Read more »

Butaotome on Tokyo Last Days

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Second time in radio!They are up for all this week (with the same broadcast).Official site – click on the player above and you can listen! Timetable (converted in UTC):9:00 – 11:0012:00 – 14:0015:00 – 17:0018:00 – 20:00Their section should last an hour, though. I’ll record it, but I’ll share it once the broadcast period has ended!EDIT: yes, it lasts one… Read more »

[OLD] Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi – Review

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Hey! I’m bringing you not just the lyrics for Saigo no Ichinichi and even the Melonbooks track (they are up on their respective pages), but also a review!! I had fun with the review of the Fanbook (click if you missed it). So I thought about doing more. I got my copy this Friday! Completely unexpected. The package was dispatched… Read more »

Song of the week: NAIMAZE

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From the livestream of 27th August 2014. Today, after a long time, they finally performed something! Ranko’s voice sounded as good as it used to be :hearts: :happy: There was also the new album in background and you know, I want to avoid listening until I get my copy (hopefully on Monday). Meanwhile, have this good performance from my archives!… Read more »

Hanakaki Mono Ningen PV

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Hakanaki Mono Ningen short PV. Made by yama_ko, kichi and Chisei (前田地生). On an unrelated note, today Buta recorded something for a radio show! I don’t know what it is more specifically, but according to Ranko’s tweet, it should be aired from 16th to 22nd May at various hours. This “TOKYO LAST DAYS” seems to be something aimed to introduce… Read more »

New list of songs now online

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Comitia has ended, Hanbun Neko is on sale, blablabla I’ve updated as usual! 3 days to Reitaisai! Can’t wait to get my copy of the new album… I finally bring you the new list of songs: click. I know, it’s not as cool as the previous one and it might be slow for some people, but I didn’t had any… Read more »

Song of the week: An’ya Kouro

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From the livestream of 25th March 2015. Today there were all the members and they mainly talked about the Comitia photobook (tomorrow!) and the Reitaisai participations (I’ve updated the list: click). Title: 暗夜航路 Romaji: An’ya kouro Translation: A dark night’s passing Original theme: Yuurei Kyakusen no Jidai wo Koeta Tabi 何のために在るのだろう感情などはとうに腐って のろわれた水に沈んだ呼ぶ鳥は遥か遠くて nanno tame ni aru no darou kanjou nado… Read more »