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Butaotome Fanbook!

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According to some flyers distribuited during Comiket, there will be a Butaotome fanbook published by Genkousha. More details will be given during tomorrow’s namahousou (which won’t be a regular one but just Comp doing bass things), but I can give already some infos. There is already a page in the Tower Records website, it will be book + CD!Release date:… Read more »

Song of the week: Tiramisu Cowboy

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From the livestream of 19th August 2015. No streaming today because of Comiket. Anyway… I think the song that gives the name to the website must be posted as song of the week only during special days (anniversaries or end of the year posts). So, here we go, although is probably not fitting with the mood of the post. rotfl… Read more »

Song of the week: Ikkaishoubu

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From the livestream of 27th November 2013. There were the human and all the animals this time and they regularly performed, but I just wanted to share this old one! Title: 一回勝負 Romaji: Ikkaishoubu Translation: One-shot game もう一回、ね?もう一回 アナタ繰り返してる もう一回 もう一回ってもう何回? 言った言わないケンカもう何回? やって やめて やっちゃって やめて すぐにリセット それ世代? 際限なしのオンリーワン カリスマっちゃってるよ mou ikkai, ne? mou ikkai anata kurikaeshiteru mou ikkai mou ikkai tte mou nankai? itta… Read more »

C89 albums!

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Lunar vocal album and ReiMari Nekokenban! Click on the cover to view the official site. ゲツメンタンサ | Getsumen Tansa Youtube XFD 1. 朗月 | Rougetsu [Watatsuki no Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue] 2. 愚里霧中 | Gurimuchuu [Kyouki no Hitomi ~ Invisible Full Moon] 3. 叫べ | Sakebe [Seijouki no Pierrot] 4. 「だるまさんがころんだ」 | “Daruma-san ga koronda” [Sennen Gensoukyou ~ History… Read more »

Comiket 89 guest list

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Ok, ok. Usually, I prefer to wait few days before the events for making this kind of post. But there are already a lot of announcements and I feel like is a bit stupid to wait until the end (I don’t think we’ll get other guest albums). First of all, a little reminder that BUTAOTOME’s releases will be announced the… Read more »

Song of the week: Yumezakura

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From today (16th December)’s livestream! Yes, you read well, finally we have something fresh!!! :°D For some reasons the songs today were just piano + vocals, with Comp not doing anything… except playing some kind of maracas during this one (that’s why Ranko is laughing)! Title: 夢桜 Romaji: Yumezakura Translation: Dream cherry blossom このままでいられないこと このままではいけないこと 分かってる分かってても この場所だけは… kono mama de irarenai koto… Read more »

C89 Announcement

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The C89 albums will be announced on 23rd December at 20:00 JST (12:00 CET)! The releases will be the usual Touhou vocal album and Nekokenban 11. There will also be a photo album of Ichigo (Kishida Kyoudan’s vocalist), with photos by Comp and designed by Ane. There are various guest partecipations on albums (GET IN THE RING and Sally for… Read more »

Song of the week: Gensou no Satellite

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From the livestream of 6th May 2015. Same situation of last week (Kimi no streaming). But today Ranko finished her recordings for this Comiket! We should expect an announcement or something next week! Anyway, today is the Hifuu Day (one of those silly days based on number readings: “hifu” can also mean “one two”, while 9 is “ku(rabu)”), so have… Read more »