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Miscellaneous News 4

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[I need a proper name for these news. Seriously] Hey, I’ve finally created a new logo! Last night while sleeping I thought about doing something smaller… the font is called Jura and is the same Ranko no Ane used in some stuff… And the image is the Jump Otome DVD cover. Something simpler, but this time I’m satisfied! Anyway, news… Read more »

Song of the week: Bystander

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From the livestream of 22nd October 2014. Since I’ve already wrote a post last night, no short news for this week! Meanwhile, have this one! Title: Bystander Original theme: Higan Kikou ~ Riverside View ある晴れた夏の日 死ぬのには丁度いい 飛び込んでこなごな 自尊心が割れたなら aru hareta natsu no hi shinu no ni wa choudo ii tobikonde konagona jisonshin ga wareta nara 目を開けてあんたは 絶望と踊るよ 夢に見た世界は あちらと同じだ me… Read more »

M3-37 news

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First of all, no streaming for this week! The animals took other pics while they were in Niigata, but is still unknown if those photos will have a purpose. Anyway. Some days ago, the circle list for M3-37 was finally published! ListTranslation of Buta’s description (their booth is 第一展示場 G-14b):“We are usually active in the rock genre, but this time… Read more »

Song of the week: Genome Aji

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From the livestream of 7th May 2014. No Ranko today. Meanwhile, she started to record stuff for future releases! Btw, this week is April Fools and I think one of the moe-trash fifth tracks (as I named them) is a fitting choice! wwwwww Title: ゲノム味 Romaji: Genome aji Translation: Genome taste みんなばっか みんなばっか ソルト味 みんなばっか みんなばっか 矛襖 みんなばっか みんなばっか 飼い殺し みんなばっか みんなばっか ワンルーム minna bakka minna bakka soruto aji minna bakka… Read more »

Updates + Next events

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Hey, look at the new shiny List of Songs! It had a lot of changes before its final version: I wanted to give it cool colors because I want this list to be one of the most important pages on the site. The current palette is based on the second fanbook cover/Otona Gum’s artwork and its colors are also fitting… Read more »

Song of the week: Jigoku Kakurenbo

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From the livestream of 2nd July 2014. I’m currently working on a new version of the list of songs which should be up tonight! Meanwhile, I apologize for the bugged code of some pages ^^“ Oh right, there will be streaming next week! Title: 地獄かくれんぼ Romaji: Jigoku kakurenbo Translation: Hide-and-seek in hell Original theme: Green-Eyed Jealousy さあ ねじれた恋も嘘もみんな 戸棚にとじこめて ねえ遊びにでておいで ああ 落とした小指遠く 今は心に棘刺して 眼くらますかくれんぼ… Read more »

HMV In-Store live + Reitaisai 13

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Pics taken from Ranko’s twitterToday there was the In-Store event at the HMV & BOOKS in Tokyo. It was mainly for promoting the fanbook and they did an acoustic live! Setlist:1. Circus2. Kiraware3. Mou ii yo4. Otona Gum On another note, the Reitaisai 13 (which will be the 8th of May) circle list is finally published, and Buta confirmed their… Read more »

Song of the week: Fuwari Kakusei

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From the livestream of 26th February 2014. No streamo today, apparently the animals are busy with Paprika pictures (for ??????) Title: ふわり覚醒 Romaji: Fuwari kakusei Translation: Gentle awakening Original theme: Nemureru Kyoufu ~ Sleeping Terror とけそうな月がほら まぶたを落とす夜 ふわり ふ ふわり 夢にチャチャ入れる不安 眠そうな月がほら まぶたを開けた夜 赤いため息 やけに白黒な不安 不安 フアン Fuan 不安 tokesou na tsuki ga hora mabuta wo otosu yoru fuwari fu fuwari yume ni chacha ireru fuan nemusou na tsuki… Read more »

Trauma Laundry – setlist

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Just ended!! Due to the name, some people were expecting Satori/3rd eye arranges to be played… Anyway, this concert was mainly advertised as “Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan’s live debut”, but they also played the fanbook songs and finally something from Getsumen Tansa. Also, the two still unreleased songs from Kashiramoji (Radical Shoujo and motelab.) made their appearance once again! 1. Haruka… Read more »

Song of the week: Waizatsu Ideology

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Surprise! Directly from the Nouzui live (8th February 2015), Waizatsu Ideology. I have the full video of this liveshow in my PC but I can’t upload it on Youtube because you know the current situation of Tiramisu’s channel. I also have a ButaNama version, but I wanted something “perfect” because I’m really affectionate to this song. Title: 猥雑イデオロギー Romaji: Waizatsu ideology… Read more »