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Ane no Ekaki Uta PV

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Official video for Ane no Ekaki Uta, Ranko no Ane’s drawing song from the Butaotome Fanbook CD! (Nicovideo ver) Made by Akimizu. It uses the arts from the fanbook and some panels from Sis’ manga. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Butaotome’s Hifuu Songs

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This is mainly an English and updated version of this old post. It was something I planned to write since a long time, and I wanted to finally post it this weekend. But today a new ZUN album has been announced, so I think it’s the best moment! (random RenMerry drawing by Ranko no Ane, just for make this post… Read more »

Song of the week: Mainichi

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From the livestream of 10th December 2014. For this week I want to give some love to one of my favourites from Bowling! (it’s also the least voted track overall in a piano corner poll: less than 1%) Title: 毎日 Romaji: Mainichi Translation: Everyday 息をのんでいた 紙ひこうき折っていた 朝ごはんぬいた 折り方忘れちゃったった 生き淀んでいた 紙ひこうき落ちてった 夜ごはんぬいた 生き方忘れちゃったった iki wo nonde ita kami hikouki otte ita asa gohan nuita orikata wasurechattatta… Read more »

Upcoming and music games stuff

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I originally planned to write this news tomorrow, with the short weekly update, but I was browsing websites and suddenly found things. First of all, I’ve updated the livestream page by adding the stuff from the current streamings (I’ll add a screenshot in another time)! Now, news from the Butaworld: the one man live on December is called “Gohoukoku ga… Read more »

Lucky Train – setlist

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Just ended! This time we got various Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi tracks and even a Tanjou song! 1. Y 2. Radical Shoujo 3. Koi no Yamai 4. Good Master 5. Rougetsu 6. Sharekoube 7. Itami Honpo 8. Towa no Maigo 9. Aru Haru no Hi 10. Jigoku Kakurenbo 11. Kyouzon 12. Mou Nani mo Hoka ni Iranai hazu sa… Read more »

The community strike went away!

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Hey, this is a long video, you know what it means? The community strike finally expired and now I have more freedom with uploading stuff! Party timeeeee :trumpets: As soon as I noticed the channel regained good standing, I uploaded this video, the Nouzui live! One of my favourite Buta liveshows. In the next days I’ll tidy up my live… Read more »

Song of the week: Yoi Kage

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From the livestream of 2nd April 2014. Today’s piano corner made me really happy and I can’t wait to upload it tomorrow! Also, I was in the mood for this song! RRRRRanko messed up a bit the lyrics, but no one is perfect www Title: 宵影 Romaji: Yoi kage Translation: Evening shadow Original theme: Heian no Alien 闇夜を切り裂く雷の音 瞼を閉じても心ざわめく そっちの泉はよく出る泉… Read more »

Song of the week: Souji

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From the livestream of 5th March 2014. I just wanted to post an original for celebrating the new songs (also, I’ve already posted everything I have from Kansha Kangeki). Well, maybe this is not the best track for a “celebrative” purpose, but we need the sad stuff sometimes! Title: 聡耳 Romaji: Souji 好きなこと やりたいこと 食べたいもの 全部欲しいんだね 駄目だよ。 嫌なこと やるべきこと 嫌なもの 全部いらない 駄目だよ。 suki na koto yaritai koto tabetai… Read more »

Uta Matsuri setlist

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The Hakurei Shrine Uta Matsuri was probably the most important Touhou live event of the year, being organized by the Reitaisai staff and having some veteran circles. Buta’s setlist had their usual hits, but there were also a couple of good surprises! 1. Kyou En 2. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage 3. Machibito wa Kozu. 4. Medley [Kyoai ->… Read more »