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The Comiket 91 list has been published and BUTAOTOME are there! 29th December (1st day) booth: 東シ83a “We are going to bring various new stuff.”

Song of the week: Tanzanite

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From the livestream of 12th November 2014. There was no streaming today! They are busy with the preparation of the bracelets and the upcoming liveshows. And since the Hifuu-only is coming… Title: タンザナイト Romaji: Tanzanite Original theme: Tsuki no Youchou, Bakeneko no Maboroshi 燕は白日に銀河の夢を見て  掠れた水上の月を食む tsubame wa hakujitsu ni ginga no yume wo mite kasureta suijou no tsuki wo hamu… Read more »

Song of the week: Gekokujoujou

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From the livestream of 20th August 2014. No random updates, but have this song for this week! It was nice to rediscover this performance~ Title: 下克上々 Romaji: Gekokujoujou Translation: The lower rules the greatest ones Original theme: Reverse Ideology 時に笑い 時に嘆く 時に悟り 時に迷う 時に集い 時に競う 時に助け 時に騙す 人はみんな正直だと 人はみんな腹黒いと アレやコレや答え出して アレやコレや答え忘れ toki ni warai toki ni nageku toki ni satori toki ni mayou toki ni tsudoi toki ni… Read more »

Pocket no News 7

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Hey, finally the Miscellaneous News have a proper title! It’s a pun of Pocket no Are (so, it’s basically “the news in the pocket”). Interestingly, this track is right after Tiramisu Cowboy on Billiards :°D So…! First of all, a new Touhou arrange pack has been released on the mobile version of Groove Coaster! It includes Kami no Hi and… Read more »

Touhou ABC @ Tokyo – setlist

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So, the A-One x BUTAOTOME x Cool&Create tour has finally ended! After Hiroshima, the setlists were a bit more interesting: there were the usual 2010 singles and some more recent tracks in rotation… I don’t know if I’ll create a page with all the setlists, but special songs were the Ningen ga Daisuki na Kowareta Youkai no Uta cover for… Read more »

Song of the week: Kokochiyosa ni Shine

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From the livestream of 22nd October 2014. This week’s song is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Scott. It’s his favourite song, and I’m posting it as a sort of lucky charm for his upcoming Japan trip, which will include Touhou ABC (oh noes), Autumnal Reitaisai and the rock festival! Title: 心地よさに死ね Romaji: Kokochiyosa ni shine Translation: Die comfortable 暁の目覚めに惑ってたぼくたちは… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 3 post

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This weekend is Kouroumu, but there are no BUTAOTOME guest participations at all. End of the pos- ok, joking. There is still Reitaisai, which is coming in a week, and as usual I’m listing every participation! 東方参面録 (Touhou Sanmenroku) | GROOVE COASTER /// XFD Track 3: 清らかな幸福 -GAME EDITION- | Kiyoraka na Koufuku [Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s “Kappa” ~ Candid Friend] Track… Read more »

October events

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This is a quite busy month for Butaotome! Other than various liveshows, they’ll have a booth at various Touhou events and they’ll bring new FREAKS-themed goods at each one of them. Let’s see what! Touhou Kouroumu The only event where they’ll also bring a new CD: Neko no Anmin. The official website has finally been updated with XFD, final tracklist… Read more »

Song of the week: Hajime no Ippo

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From the livestream o- NOPE! This actually comes from an extra DVD exclusively distribuited at Comiket 85. It’s identical to a regular namahousou performance, the only difference is that The Sis was in her full bunny outfit and didn’t copypasted the lyrics. ww btw, they finally updated the website with Neko no Anmin info and also the goods they’ll release… Read more »

New Touhou song for Groove Coaster

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As previously announced, a new Groove Coaster compilation will be released for Autumnal Reitaisai. The title is Touhou Sanmenroku (東方参面録) and its overall motif is “stage 3 bosses”. The new BUTAOTOME song is entitled Kiyoraka na Koufuku (清らかな幸福) and it’s a Candid Friend arrangement! It will be playable at Reitaisai and the album will be sold exclusively there, but it… Read more »