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Gensoukyou Shiki – Aki (PS Vita theme)

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For those who have a Playstation Vita (but exclusive to Japan), a new theme has been announced. It’s part of the “Gensoukyou Shiki” (幻想郷四季, Gensokyo’s Four seasons) series and is centered on autumn. Comp made the BGM! It should be an exclusive arrangement, and we don’t know which is the original tune, but I’ll update this post.Site This theme will… Read more »

Touhou Kouroumu 11 release

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No new album. Instead, there will be a resale of the 3rd album, Long Skirt Panorama Girl! Site Like the resales of Kouseki Radio, Touhou Kaiten Mokuba and Gensou Homo Ludens from last year, the album is the same exact thing from 5 years ago. It’s just for people who don’t have it! An homemade CD containing “Black Sunflower” (the… Read more »

Shibuya Ongakusai – setlist

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So, today Butaotome have played at the 10th Shibuya Ongakusai. It was a free live and photo/video were allowed! [Twitter] (On a side note, I was expecting an original-only setlist w) 1. Gensou no satellite 2. Saru 3. Mou ii yo 4. Tiramisu cowboy Bonus: apparently, Shinsan game was played during the soundcheck.

Song of the week: Yubi Shaburi

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From the livestream of 9th July 2014. The Namahousou is currently suspended until November, but the song of the week still goes on! Ranko always sings this song with a cuter tone… Title: 指しゃぶり Romaji: Yubi shaburi Translation: Sucking my finger 昨日見た占いの変なオリキャラが言う 「きっと良いことあるよ」 たぶんないけれど 厳しい現実と緩い脳内物質 熱い紅茶を淹れて流し込みましょう kinou mita uranai no hen na orikyara ga iu “kitto ii koto aru yo” tabun nai… Read more »

Touhou ABC

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Autumnal Reitaisai has ended… and also brought a new announcement: “Touhou ABC”. A collaboration between A-One, Butaotome and Cool&Create (hence, “ABC”), planned for 2016. What it will be? My guess is a big liveshow, but I wouldn’t exclude the hypotesis of a CD or something. Site

Touhou 20th anniversary party recap

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The streaming of the Touhou 20th anniversary party is still ongoing, but Butaotome did their contribution (they were the first guests). They talked/introduced themselves, showed Machibito wa Kozu.’s PV and also performed it, along with Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no Tsukikage. Here is a video: [2019 edit: the link didn’t survive the moving from Tumblr to WordPress and I don’t… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 2 recap

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Sunday is Autumnal Reitaisai! Is there anything Buta-related, other than I LOVE CHERRY? Well, Mittsu Kazoero will be playable on the music game Sound Voltex! And that’s all. No albums with random guest partecipations, neither as full circle, Ranko singing something or what. Maybe it’s not worth mentioning, but since it’s a track with Ranko among the various vocalists… there… Read more »

Song of the week: Moonstone

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From the livestream of 5th November 2014. Only for this week, they moved the streaming from Wednesday to Thursday because yesterday they were busy with taking pictures of Ranko for… ????? No livestream next week! And the next one will be 100… Title: ムーンストーン Romaji: Moonstone Original theme: G Free 嗚呼、ため息が一つ空中に溶けてく 暮れはじめている空 嗚呼、瞬きを一つする度に過ぎてく 限られた時間故 aa, tameiki ga hitotsu kuuchuu ni toketeku… Read more »

Touhou 20th anniversary party

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This Saturday (17th October) at 15:00 JST (8:00 CEST) there will be a streaming for celebrating the 20 years of Touhou Project, and Butaotome will be among the various guests! They’ll also play something.Livestream link

Miscellaneous news

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So… Yesterday I’ve finally updated the “about” section: I’ve included informations from the official site and also added a little story about this site. I’ve also finally decided to open the “Ask” and the “Submit” sections! With the Ask section you can contact me more easily, and with the Submit section you can submit your fanwork, which I can approve… Read more »