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Song of the week: Karasu no Ousama

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From the livestream of 2nd September 2015. I bring you a fairly recent and good performance I really wanted to share as soon as possible, but well, other songs got the priority :°D Title: からすの王様 Romaji: Karasu no ousama Translation: King of crows Original theme: Youkai no Yama ~ Mysterious Mountain 金色の空はひぐらしの調べ 黄昏はまぶたを撫でていく 懐かしい夢でいつか見た小道 人里へ帰れと 呼ばう声 konjiki no sora wa higurashi… Read more »


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This was a big event lasted 5 days and promoted by the musical group Tokyo Erotical Parade. No NSFW stuff wwwww. Butaotome were among the participating artists and they just played! This was also their last liveshow for this year, and since the festival is completely Touhou-unrelated, they only played original songs. 1. Shinsan Game 2. Circus 3. Sharekoube 4…. Read more »

Song of the week: Saru

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From the livestream of 28th May 2014. Looks like next week there won’t be a streaming, or Ranko will be absent… I’ll give more details! Title: さる Romaji: Saru Translation: Monkey 夢の中の夢で僕は勇者になっていた 最強無敵でもそれはそれでつまらないね yume no naka no yume de boku wa yuusha ni natte ita saikyou muteki demo sore wa sore de tsumaranai ne 「人間なんて誰だって欠点があるよ」 分かってるのに知らんぷり ヒト以下の君聞いてますか “ningen nante dare datte ketten ga aru… Read more »

100th Namahousou – setlist

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It just ended! They played the songs in the studio as a regular liveshow (and not as short acoustics) 1. Saru 2. Kyou Ai 3. Tiramisu Cowboy 4. Y 5. Dance Dance Dance 6. Gensou no Satellite 7. Yurara Kamishibai 8. Sharekoube 9. Yumezakura Yes, they played a song from the I LOVE albums, but it was entirely playback wwww… Read more »

Touhou Gensokyo UROBOROS 5

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While waiting for the 100th streaming, the new Toranoana compilation has been announced! 東方幻奏響UROBOROS業 | Touhou Gensokyo UROBOROS 5 Butaotome have the fourth track of the second disc: The title is “Kotodama Hiroi” (言霊拾い) and it’s an arrange of Kyouko’s theme! There is also a DVD with old recycled tracks (they say they are re-recorded, but, at least with Buta’s… Read more »

Utau Namahousou 100

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After two years of songs, laughs, Kimi no, comu, missing members, random guests… Finally this weekly corner has reached the 100th live! Namahousou link Rough translation of Ranko no Ane’s tweet: “We’ll do a live broadcast in the studio! November 18, from 21 o’clock to half past 22, it will be a bigger edition. In this broadcast, we’ll accept request… Read more »

Song of the week: Yume janai Nanika

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From the livestream of 5th February 2014. Hopefully next week we’ll come back with fresh songs! Title: 夢じゃない何か Romaji: Yume janai Nanika Translation: Something that’s not a dream Original theme: Hoshi no Utsuwa ~ Casket of Star きみが好きでも嫌いでもどっちでも どうでもいいんだよ些細なことさ わたしがきみと出会いそばにいるのは 「運命」というよりも「縁」のおかげさ kimi ga suki demo kirai demo docchi demo dou demo ii nda yo sasai na koto sa watashi ga… Read more »

Miscellaneous News 2

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[Creative title is creative…] So… Finally, the page dedicated to the works of Comp/Paprika/Ane outside of Butaotome is on! Clicky It’s pretty rough, and I probably forgot something… I’ve also finally made a list of songs page: useful for having a quick index of everything, if you don’t remember/know on which album is a certain song or also just for… Read more »

Song of the week: Minchiga

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From the livestream of 17th September 2014. There was a random streaming today, unrelated to the regular Utau Namahousou (remember it will come back the 18th!). There was just Comp… or better, “Compachi”, and people asked him questions about their problems. Title: ミンチガ Romaji: Minchiga 正しいことを正しいものとちゃんと考えてるだけじゃ そのものさしはそこでおしまい伸び悩んでぽきり折れる 君に託した言葉の意味はすくすくと芽を出したかな? 見方変えればその行動も正しくないことなのかも tadashii koto wo tadashii mono to chanto kangaeteru dake ja sono… Read more »