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There is no official page yet, but here is the Melonbooks link! おまとめ | Omatome 偽君子の悪血 | Gikunshi no akuchi [Mahou Shoujotachi no Hyakunensai] (from Diverse System’s thE3) GURA・GURA [Uchoutenpen ~ Wonderful Heaven] (from AREAZERO’s Touhou Kuenka -KURENAI-) コンペイ糖 | Konpeitou [Natsukashiki Touhou no Chi ~ Old World | Extend Ash ~ Houraibito | Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri]… Read more »

Miscellaneous News 3

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[I should invent a cool title for this kind of post…] First of all, news from the Butaworld: the fanbook is up to preorder on various websites, including Amazon!A reminder that only Melonbooks, Toranoana and Animate have extras, as I have wrote here. Since Ranko’s profile page is already available to read, I’ve tried to translate it: here.Also, Ranko no… Read more »

Daikyuushuu Touhousai release + fanbook on Amazon

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Butaotome will bring a “new” album for Daikyuushuu Touhousai! Not the expected I LOVE Imperishable Night, but a collection of various tracks not in any Buta-album (Toranoana albums and such). There will be 13 tracks! While waiting for a proper announcement + tracklist, let’s speculate about which tracks will be included by looking at this list! Meanwhile, the fanbook is… Read more »

Song of the week: Ashita no Kako

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From the livestream of 3rd December 2014. Finally I’ve got my copy of Getsumen Tansa! I’m currently transcribing the lyrics, so please wait (check out the page in the meantime). Meanwhile, have a somehow related song for this week! Title: 明日の過去 Romaji: Ashita no kako Translation: Tomorrow’s past Original theme: Voyage 1969 夢は終わりを告げ 進む 逃げ道の  一寸先には闇 光はいらない yume wa owari wo tsuge susumu nigemichi… Read more »

More fanbook images

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New image of the fanbook from the Butawebsite.According to what Comp said during today’s livestream, the exclusive goods based on where you purchase the book will be:– Melonbooks: Original CD paper case– Toranoana: Original clear file– Animate: autographed paper He also announced various live/event-related news, I’m currently updating the column~

Song of the week: Ondeko no Namida

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From the livestream of 18th December 2013 Today, as I previously said, there was just Comp randomly talking while playing bass. He also talked about the fanbook, but I don’t know if he said more than what we already know because there was Getsumen Tansa as BGM and I want to hear it once I get my copy (clean, without… Read more »

Butaotome Fanbook!

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According to some flyers distribuited during Comiket, there will be a Butaotome fanbook published by Genkousha. More details will be given during tomorrow’s namahousou (which won’t be a regular one but just Comp doing bass things), but I can give already some infos. There is already a page in the Tower Records website, it will be book + CD!Release date:… Read more »

Song of the week: Tiramisu Cowboy

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From the livestream of 19th August 2015. No streaming today because of Comiket. Anyway… I think the song that gives the name to the website must be posted as song of the week only during special days (anniversaries or end of the year posts). So, here we go, although is probably not fitting with the mood of the post. rotfl… Read more »

Song of the week: Ikkaishoubu

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From the livestream of 27th November 2013. There were the human and all the animals this time and they regularly performed, but I just wanted to share this old one! Title: 一回勝負 Romaji: Ikkaishoubu Translation: One-shot game もう一回、ね?もう一回 アナタ繰り返してる もう一回 もう一回ってもう何回? 言った言わないケンカもう何回? やって やめて やっちゃって やめて すぐにリセット それ世代? 際限なしのオンリーワン カリスマっちゃってるよ mou ikkai, ne? mou ikkai anata kurikaeshiteru mou ikkai mou ikkai tte mou nankai? itta… Read more »