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BUTAOTOME’s setlists: staple songs

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So, it’s time for an article I had the idea of writing since a couple of weeks, but after posting a list of all the songs played during the Furubokkoru tour I thought “why not?” This is basically a recap of every BUTAOTOME album with me writing which are the so-called “staples” (aka the songs played almost at every live)… Read more »

HMV In-Store live + Reitaisai 13

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Pics taken from Ranko’s twitterToday there was the In-Store event at the HMV & BOOKS in Tokyo. It was mainly for promoting the fanbook and they did an acoustic live! Setlist:1. Circus2. Kiraware3. Mou ii yo4. Otona Gum On another note, the Reitaisai 13 (which will be the 8th of May) circle list is finally published, and Buta confirmed their… Read more »

Trauma Laundry – setlist

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Just ended!! Due to the name, some people were expecting Satori/3rd eye arranges to be played… Anyway, this concert was mainly advertised as “Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan’s live debut”, but they also played the fanbook songs and finally something from Getsumen Tansa. Also, the two still unreleased songs from Kashiramoji (Radical Shoujo and motelab.) made their appearance once again! 1. Haruka… Read more »


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This was a big event lasted 5 days and promoted by the musical group Tokyo Erotical Parade. No NSFW stuff wwwww. Butaotome were among the participating artists and they just played! This was also their last liveshow for this year, and since the festival is completely Touhou-unrelated, they only played original songs. 1. Shinsan Game 2. Circus 3. Sharekoube 4…. Read more »

Shibuya Ongakusai – setlist

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So, today Butaotome have played at the 10th Shibuya Ongakusai. It was a free live and photo/video were allowed! [Twitter] (On a side note, I was expecting an original-only setlist w) 1. Gensou no satellite 2. Saru 3. Mou ii yo 4. Tiramisu cowboy Bonus: apparently, Shinsan game was played during the soundcheck.

Touhou ABC

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Autumnal Reitaisai has ended… and also brought a new announcement: “Touhou ABC”. A collaboration between A-One, Butaotome and Cool&Create (hence, “ABC”), planned for 2016. What it will be? My guess is a big liveshow, but I wouldn’t exclude the hypotesis of a CD or something. Site

Ano Hi mita Gensou – setlist

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As much as I am an hardcore Piggy, I am also an huge fan of the Hifuu Club, and I am deeply affectioned to all the Butasongs dedicated to them. So, I was looking forward their setlist for this Hifuu-only live (whose lineup was Honeypocket, BUTAOTOME and TUMENECO + GET IN THE RING), and here we have it! 1. Yumekikou… Read more »

Kashiramoji of songs day 2 – setlist

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Just ended! Same place, different hashtag, same two new songs but completely different setlist! They also played one of the two songs included in the exclusive CD for who went at both dates! 1. Hito no tame2. Fashion chuunibyou3. Mamorubeki mono4. Yoi kage5. Hakanaki mono ningen6. Mirai7. Futatsu no cinema8. Yuukeimukei9. Fuwari kakusei10. Panorama11. Waizatsu ideology12. Mou ii yo13. Moonstone14…. Read more »

Kashiramoji of songs day 1 – setlist

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Well, yesterday there was the first day of the Kashiramoji of songs live event. I had a look at the Twitter hashtag and I found the setlist. They played two completely new songs (and apparently they are both originals)! 1. Kokochiyosa ni shine2. Karisome no seven wonder3. Itsumo no futari4. Circus5. Circus no knife nage6. The fear is oneself7. Derashine8…. Read more »