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Tiramisu Cowboy – eight years

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Hey, now this website is as old as the number of songs in your typical Buta album! Honestly, I don’t know what to say, except for the usual stuff. Time has passed, I’ve learned a lot, yadda yadda. Perhaps I’ll have something to say in 2025, when we’ll finally reach the 10th anniversary (man, that will be very special…). I… Read more »

C102 release: Oshiraasobi

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C102 is next week, and BUTAOTOME will bring something… actually new! “Oshiraasobi” (オシラアソビ) is a book with DL code that tells a horror story related to the Hifuu Club. Written by Ranko with art by her Sis, full color, 20 pages. It will also include a link to download a new Fairy of Flower arrangement, Dontohare (どんとはれ). You can preorder… Read more »

Omg, TC Anniversary is this weekend! Omg, C102 is next week!

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An update I just wanted to write as a small recap of all the things that happened in the last few days. First of all, we are fully in the C102 announcements season! This event is shaping up to be at least slightly better than last Reitaisai. Sure, there are still the best-ofs, but at least we aren’t getting that… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s road-to-Comiket 102 update…?

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Hi, I guess? First of all, let’s start with a recap of BUTAOTOME news… We have two lives coming in the next months! Ano Hi Mita Gensou chapter 8 (Hifuu-only live) and Daifugou vs Daihinmin (one man live)! Details and ticket purchases link are in this post. Comp is currently busy playing bass for Nanase Aikawa’s tour. On this Instagram… Read more »

Exploring the world of cover songs

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I’ve teased this type of post in the Best 5 review, and I need to write some more reviews (while working on an album review that will be published next month). Covers. A popular type of song that refers to when an artist records/plays their own take of a song by another artist. A lot of artists started their journey… Read more »

Daifugou vs Daihinmin + Ano Hi Mita Gensou chapter 8

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A new one man live has been announced! Daifugou vs Daihinmin. With this one, I think it’s safe to expect a setlist centered on the AoCF duology… October 7th at Shibuya’s Take Off 7 (oh noes). Tickets sales will start on July 15 on Livepocket! Now, for a live more accessible to poor overseas fans like me, the Hifuu-only live… Read more »

[UPDATED] Is there even a good social network replacement?

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…so. You might be aware that Twitter hasn’t been in a great status ever since cat girl Elonno Maschio’s acquisition. We have just reached a new low with the temporary tweet reading and the possible self-DDoS. Now Tweetdeck (the tool I use that lets me keep track of both my personal account and the TC’s one, a permanent open tab… Read more »

Majotachi no Ongakushitsu – re-review

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So, I was in the mood of writing something, but didn’t have any idea. Then I checked my drafts and recalled that I wanted to re-review this album after Itanshinmon, so here we are. The Kikeijuu trilogy re-reviews are coming next, and hopefully one of them will be released before Comiket lol Although maybe I should write a Billiards review… Read more »

Comp’s music equipment [2013-2014]

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This is a series of blog posts Comp published on the old BUTAOTOME blog. It was something I wanted to translate for years, and well… better later than ever? Remember that these posts are from 2013-2014, so the equipment he is using now is probably different and better. You can read the original posts here. Do note that I’ve only… Read more »

May-June 2023 doujin packages pseudo-review

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Decided to make this an irregular series, because why not. As usual, being a BUTAOTOME website, I’ll only talk about the Pig-related content, but I’ll dedicate a couple of extra paragraphs to other stuff. I got most of the stuff thanks to my friend Jaefine from Japan. She also handled some stuff from last year that was never shipped before… Read more »